We keep it simple and don’t want to overwhelm you with all the scientific terminology.
Our workouts are detailed and easily understood. We build personalized scientific programs based on your goals.

Tier 2

$50 per month

This is for the runner who is happy to go on their own, but still needs some coaching communication. 

*  Includes Basic TrainingPeak
*  Weekly Training Plan
*  Weekly feedback & check-in as needed
*  Contact via email & whatsapp
*  Strength & mobility workouts
*  weekly schedule changes
*  Race preparation /strategy / debrief

— If you have a question about the program, send the coaches an email/message and they will respond as soon they can. Usually within 24 hours

Tier 1


This is for the runner that wants more interaction with the coach – unlimited communication with the coach. 

*  Includes a TrainingPeaks Premium account
*  Weekly Training Plan
*  Contact via email & whatsapp
* Strength & mobility workouts
* Plan changes as needed
* Once a month call
*  Unlimited schedule changes
*  Race preparation /strategy / debrief

— Tier 1 plan members have unlimited access to the coach. 

What our athletes receive

Initial evaluation – we take a look at your running history & establish training goals.
Weekly customized training schedule with detailed description and instruction of workouts
Weekly analysis of training
Access to your coach via email, phone, skype, or social messaging apps.
Running-specific stretching/mobility and strength training to help you develop more efficient techniques and prevent injury.
Race plans & strategy
Workout and race day nutrition guidelines.
Workout and race recovery guidelines.
Advice on injuries and modification of training schedule.
Race preparation advice.
Motivation and sports psychology tips.
Access to a private group for all coached runners.